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Digital Photo Prints Sample

Free Color Corrections includes contrast and brightness.

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Then select the Photo Prints Tab

Web Browser based ordering software is easy to use. Drag and drop your Digital Camera Jpeg files into the available templates. Rotate images for vertical or horizontal print, then crop for desired composition. Check appropriate boxes for additional services.

Choose from a large selection of photo enlargements and poster prints for all your memorable family occasions. Just drag and drop your file(s) into the appropriate template. Your image file must be a JPEG as either 250 to 300 dpi. Any JPEG camera file that is smaller than 3 megs is acceptable. Most orders will be shipped on the same day received.

Order a single print or quantities of the same print. To order different print sizes from the same camera file, the same file must be dragged and dropped to the appropriate template size. Add each desired print size to your shopping cart. Then continue with your next camera file, etc. Or, you can continue shopping for other photo products. When done, simply click on the 'Show Cart or Check Out’ buttons. Fill in the shipping information. Your order will arrive in several days.

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Discount Photo ProductsPhoto Printing for families groups churches teamsDiscount Photo Products
Discount Photo Products
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